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How to qualify for online surveys?

- Wednesday, 17 May 2017 No Comments
In this article, I am going to share how to qualify for online surveys. Online survey jobs are booming trend in India and obviously, it provides some extra income for all kinds of people who are unable to work outside from home. In the online survey jobs, we are facing the major problem is screening out from the survey even middle of the survey too. At the time of screening out, we got tense, because we spend some valuable time into that. Here some tips and tricks to get qualify for all online surveys.

How to qualify for online surveys

However, all survey invitations are based on your profile survey, but the market researcher needs a quality opinion. For instance, they are not accepting opinion for a work environment survey of the home moms.

So you should face this kind of screening question in all online surveys. Successfully finish these screening questions only we can qualify to attend the surveys.

How to qualify in all online paid surveys

How to qualify from gender questions:

Mostly, all the online jobs performed by the housewives, home moms, and students, but all the survey is not designed for those people. That completely depends on the survey topic. Some of the online survey sites tell the survey topic earlier so you can predict that what type of gender should match that particular survey.

For example, Females can qualify in the laundry, shopping, consumer products, parenting etc. And the Males can qualify in Business topics, work environment, alcohol brands, smoking etc. If you come across an irrelevant topic, you can ask your husband or wife to answer the survey (sometimes you can). Some of the survey sites like a Global Test market never accept the mismatch answers.

Age Factors:

The age factor is very much important for market research. If you are under age of 18, you will disqualify immediately. Most of the survey focuses on 20 to 35 age group only.

Are you or a household member from these industries?


Market research companies are not accepting the opinion of the people who are familiar with the same industry. For Example, If the survey topic related to computer accessories, then you will be asked the questions like what industry you or household is working for? If you answer the same industry, you will screen out from the survey. If none of your household members is working in that particular industry, you will qualify easily from this screening question.

Generally, one of the screening questions is: you or household is working in the market research industry? Never say yes to this question.

Your highest qualification:


Qualification is one of the screening questions in every survey. Who are all having a good qualification they can escape from this screening question.

Are you the parent of any children?


If you are the parent of two or more children, you will get qualify in all shopping related surveys. The maximum survey related to online shopping and on store shopping, so if you are the parent of children under age of 18, you will be getting more survey on your mail id.

Have you got vehicles?

If you mention that you do not have vehicles and driving license, you will loss vehicle-related survey. Likewise, if you mentioned that you have experience in traveling, hotels, shopping malls, online shopping etc. You will get surveys related to these all the topic. So be careful when you are attending your profile survey, because based on that you will receive survey invitations.

One of the other screening questions is: when you are going to purchase it? Generally, this kind of question expresses your immediate need for that product. So try to answer within 3 months or less. This is applicable for last and next purchase too.

Whatever, in some case we really cannot find the reason for screening out from the survey. Because we cannot predict the market researcher's requirements. So take it easy while screening out from the survey.

I think the above post gives some tips and tricks to get qualify for all online surveys. You can leave your comments below on what way the post helpful to you or give some suggestion for improvement.

Inboxdollar Website Review

- Friday, 5 May 2017 No Comments
Inboxdollars is an overall secured site that has been paying since 2000. The site pays clients to finish offers, overviews, play recreations, errands, look, and different exercises. The site is the ideal competitor for our Elite List and we might encourage all to test and attempt the site. Particularly those from the USA who will profit from this site the most. It can be used in all countries without any investment.

Inboxdollar Review

Is Inboxdollars Reliable?


Inbox Dollars has been working as a review board site for shut 10 years now. Plus overviews, the site has additionally begun fanning out into territories like shopping and recreations.

So yes, the site is dependable and not a trick. Concerning my experience, it's been very smooth and I've never confronted a scenario with withdrawing my cash or recovering the collected focuses.

On top of that, Inboxdollars has been named #4, 882 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America by Inc. magazine for the Fifth Consecutive Year. What's more as per their news page they have paid over $25 million money to parts since they dined in 2000.

Basically put, the site's unwavering quality shouldn't be around your concerns as you fill-out the sign-up structure.

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Inbox Dollars VS Other Online Survey Panels

There is an amazing little online study board out there however Inbox Dollars holds some extraordinary points of interest over time. Case in point, the best thing I like about the site is that it offers its parts an extensive variety of paid studies to look over.

As another record holder, you'll be part of both the item testing and online center aggregations. Both of them are my particular top choices concerning rounding out online overviews to procure cash.

Anyhow maybe the most engaging part of Inbox Dollars is that it has an affiliation with some well-known marks. A percentage of the titans that have cooperated with Inbox Dollars incorporate Walmart, Target and Netflix.

Notwithstanding like me, the greater part of you must have purchased items fitting in with these ubiquitous marks and consequently, are in a great position to offer legitimate ideas about them.

An alternate propelling variable is that this review (and subsequently your supposition) may really expedite a few progressions in the way marks and stores position themselves and their items and administrations.

One thing I need to specify here that I suppose any trustworthy Inbox Dollars survey might as well is about the "speeding through reviews" issue and how Inboxdollars manages it. Be cautioned that Inbox Dollars is one of the strictest review destinations around regarding the matter of managing online overview issues where some individuals truly fly through their studies.

Additionally, when you consider that organizations pay beat dollar to review destinations for legit and genuine presumptions, Inbox Dollars' elevated expectations and strict standards begin boding well.

Destinations that permit individuals to trick (speed) their direction through studies infrequently keep going provided Inbox Dollars, which is the reason its a win-win for both the paying organizations and also paid overview takers like you.

All Summary

We feel Inboxdollars is a protected and paying site to utilize. Make sure you take over the terms of service. There are complaints of the individuals who did not. So I recommend all to use this site earn money without any limits.

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Swagbucks Website Review

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As per their site, is a "faithfulness program" where you can gain prizes for doing the same stuff you do online regular.

Swagbucks Website Review

Shopping, viewing movies, looking for items, playing amusements; the sum of these things and more can acquire you prizes with the Swagbucks framework.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

It may be confounding to comprehend why an organization might pay you to simply do "anything" on the web. Yet organizations comprehend that the normal American truly invests a considerable amount of time on the web, and that what individuals do online says a great deal about their premiums, propensities, likes and loathes.
Swagbucks Review - Signup

Provided that organizations realize what sorts of amusements individuals play or what sorts of items and notices get their consideration, it goes an extremely long way towards helping organizations comprehend how to better achieve their target market. Organizations onto every part of are examining the profits of comprehension precisely how and why we do the things we do on the web.

Thus, Swagbucks will give you prizes in return for "doing what you as of recently do online" on the grounds that they are taking that data and giving it to others, who will utilize it to change and impact the way they work together online sometime to come.

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What Is a "Swagbuck"?

Swagbucks, unlike other pay to pursuit destinations, does not repay their parts with cash. Rather, they give them different measures of focuses, called Swagbucks, for the undertakings and exercises they do on the web. At any focus in time after you have started gathering these Swagbucks, you can head off to the Swag Store and trade them for things.

 Swagbucks Review

One of the issues with Swagbucks is that they don't uphold a set rate of pay for exercises. The pay updates as certain requests for data updates. Then again, remember that you still essentially get paid for exercises you might be completed in any case, so however it may be disillusioning, it's still not an awful arrangement.

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You additionally have the alternative of transforming your Swagbucks into money, however clients report that you get less blast for your Swagbuck when you settle on this decision. It takes more Swagbucks to get money paid straightforwardly into a Paypal record then it does to basically reclaim them for a blessing card of literally the same esteem. This backtracks to Swagbucks' organization with different organizations, however fortunately for their parts these accomplices have a tendency to be expansive specialists like and Wal-Mart, places where you are prone to use your cash in any case.

 Search & Win


Tips for Earning with Swagbucks 


1.         Take playing point of the referential framework. When you allude somebody, Swagbucks will remunerate you with matching income up to 1,000 focuses. The more individuals you allude, the less demanding and speedier you'll rack up Swagbucks.

2.         When you utilize the Swagbucks hunt, be standard. Swagbucks are recording your hunts, and provided that you are constantly entering garbage like "aldkjfa; ldkj" and hitting the inquiry catch, you won't be a part for long.

3.         Take the focal point of the Swagbucks "additional items." Once a day, they'll have uncommon offers for you to take a gander at that will take a few seconds. Additionally submit survey thoughts. Assuming that yours is picked, you procure more.

4.         Use their toolbar, and even better, utilize Swagbucks. For everything. The entire purpose of the framework is that they need to recognize what you are doing on the web. The more you utilize it, the more they benefit, and the more you will earn.

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The Best Survey Sites You Can Use In India

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There are lots of survey sites now we can see online, here I have updated two websites which are considered as the best survey sites you can use in India. This is purely based on the researches done on 2016.
Survey Sites You Can Use In India


The Panel Station is made up of a select group of people like you - people with ideas and opinions that can make a difference. Our aim is to provide the business community with qualified, effective and intelligent feedback on a variety of products, services, and concepts.

Your opinions are important to decision makers across industries who are always seeking views that can help them design and improve their products and services.

Through The Panel Station, you get a chance to tell companies what you really want and why you want it. And get cool rewards in return! 

As a member of the Panel Station, you will become one of a select group of influencer. You have a platform to share your views on various issues you experience and products you use, thereby helping companies to understand different markets and develop better & customized products and solutions.  

Currently, The Panel Station focuses on customers from emerging economies like India, Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, and Taiwan.

Join Now clicking here

Step1: You become a member of The Panel Station community by filling our simple registration form. The login details are sent to your email id. You can use those to log in here.

Step2: You will then start receiving surveys from In order to ensure you receive them on time, please add the email Id into your contact list or safe senders list in your mailbox.

Step3: By completing our surveys, you receive completion rewards or points in your My station account. This can vary from 100 points (~10INR) to 5000 points (~500INR)

Step4: Once you have a minimum of 2000 points in your account, you will be able to redeem them for Online Shopping Vouchers of, and more.
We also gift you latest Movie CDs, Magazines, and a lot more

Step5: You can accrue your earned points for as long as you wish to on your My station account. The redemption can be done for 10000 points at a shot and the rest in the next attempt.


For each survey completed, within 28 days The Panel Station will credit your account with the stated number of reward points. Once your account has reached the magic figure of 2000 points, you can start cashing in! Your Panel Station reward points can be redeemed for gift vouchers with which you can shop for movies, books, music, buy your travel tickets, get your mobile connection and a lot more. 

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Valued Opinion is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. It is your opportunity to shape the future of industries and the development of new products. Valued Opinions is made up of a select group of people from specialized backgrounds, all of whom share a desire to both help improve the outlook of their industries and to advance the development of consumer products and services. 

Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now, a leading online fieldwork and panel specialist. Our aim for this panel is highly practical. With quality and trust at the forefront of our business, we seek to create a problem-solving think tank which can provide qualified and effectual feedback for the business community.

 Join Now clicking here

3 easy steps:
  • Step 1: Register your details.
    Fill in a few details about yourself to start receiving surveys.
  • Step 2: Complete the survey online.
    Simply complete the survey and submit your responses.
  • Step 3: Choose your reward.
    Once your account has been credited with INR400 you can redeem the reward of your choice.

As a member of Valued Opinions, you will be invited to participate in various surveys matching your current interests. For each survey you complete, you will receive a reward, typically between INR50 and INR100 and up to INR1000 for specialist surveys which will be credited to your Valued Opinions account within 28 days. Money is given in exchange for your opinions and will be stored in your account until you are able to redeem your rewards.

Join Now clicking here

How to Make Money on eBay

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How to make money on eBay was one of the first things I wanted to know about when I first started learning how to make money online. eBay was new and hot! If you would ask how to make money fast, eBay was one of the first things everyone would point to.

Make Money on eBay

I had heard of many people who were already making a living selling things on eBay. But, I had no idea what to sell on eBay. I was clueless. I had no idea what things to sell on eBay. Clearly, I had a long way ahead of me. 

So, I started reading and learning and went from selling unused stuff to buying wholesale and selling on eBay for a profit. It took a while to make any decent amount of money, but it was all worth it. I learned a lot of things from my experience in trying to learn how to make money on eBay. The most important lesson I learned with eBay selling is that the amount of money you can make on eBay depends heavily on researching and finding the right items to sell on eBay.

In the past few years, eBay has changed dramatically, so did selling on eBay! But, eBay still is a great option, you can still sell on eBay and make money. Thousands of people are still making a great income selling things on eBay. You can sell anything from electronics to reports about making money online and anything in between. Getting started on eBay is fairly simple and easy. All you need to do is find out what products or services are on demand, and buy or create those products or services for a low price and sell them on eBay for a profit.

If you want to learn how to make money on eBay, here are a few ways that I have personally found to be the best ways for making money selling on eBay:
Sell your unwanted things on eBay
Everyone has things to sell on eBay! Most people start making money on eBay by gathering their unused items and selling them on eBay. All of us have these kinds of items laying around the house, garage or in the attic. A lot of those items are not going to be used anyway and probably will be thrown away anyway. So, why not sell them on eBay and make a little extra money no matter how small.

Offer your services on eBay
You don't necessarily have to be an experienced web designer or a fortune teller to make money on eBay. Look deeper, there must be something, a talent, or some kind of knowledge that you possess that many people might be willing to pay you for. A simple example would be offering people who have a lot of stuff to sell on eBay, but don't have the time to do it themselves or don't know how to do it, to sell their stuff on eBay for a commission. These people could be your friends, family, neighbors or anyone else for that matter.

Buy from wholesalers and sell for a profit
There are lots of whole-seller in almost any category you can imagine. You can buy a product that usually costs $10, for $2 if you buy in bulk. The most important thing to remember is to know what to sell on eBay. Choose a product that is hot and find a wholesaler. Buy in bulk for cheap and turn around and sell them on eBay for a profit.

Most beginners who are trying to learn how to make money on eBay, make a big mistake by jumping into this method without prior research. Make sure you do your research before spending money buying a truckload of items!
Use drop shipping
Drop shipping is probably one of the easiest yet most controversial ways of making money by selling stuff on eBay. It's not that easy to find legitimate drop shipping companies, but when you do, it is so easy to make money with it. You don't have to deal with anything like handling, shipping, processing, returns and etc. You simply list the items on eBay and drive potential buyers to your listing When they buy a product, you get your commission. Simple as that!

Buy stuff from classified ads sites and sell on eBay
If you already know how to make money on craigslist, then this method is going to be easy for you. Take advantage of the want it now features on eBay to find out what items are hot and on demand. Then go to a classified site like craigslist and look for those items. Many times you can buy those items for very cheap. And sometimes you may even get lucky and get those items for free on the craiglists FREE section. Craigslist can be a gold mine if you know what you are looking for.

Making money on eBay is still one of the best ways to make money online. There might be other ways to make money on eBay as well, but, most of them will come down to the above-mentioned methods, and all of above methods basically come down to supply and demand. Find what's on demand and supply it to those who are demanding it. Now you know how to make money on eBay!

Flipkart Search By Seller Tip

- Wednesday, 20 July 2016 No Comments

flipkart sort by seller
Flipkart being a restricted online marketplace unlike eBay, does attract a number of sellers who however do not enjoy privileges which flipkart's WS retail does. There may be many instances in which you need to buy something with your wallet balance, and it's not possible to buy products from any seller except WS retail. In such cases, it would be great to filter flipkart search by seller when we search for any product. However for some reason flipkart did not decide to include this in their search functionality, which forced an Indian github developer to make an independent chrome extension which highlights all products from a seller you want. You can simply type in the seller you want to see products from, and the extension highlights the products sold by the seller you selected. 

To get started, you need a Chrome browser, or even a browser based on chromium build and a free copy of extension which adds filter functionality to chrome. Just follow the steps:

Flipkart Search By Seller Extension

1. Download the chrome extension

  • Go to the download page by clicking here
  • Click on download ZIP to download it to your local machine.
  • Use a program like 7zip or WinZip to unzip the zip file you downloaded.
2. Install the extension
  • Type in "chrome://extensions" into the address bar via chrome desktop browser. If the page is not opening, go to your chrome settings and search for extensions tab.
  • Tick the "Developer mode" at the top on the page that appears after you follow the above step
  • Drag the unzipped file to this tab, or click load unpacked extension and select the file you unzipped.
3. Test drive
  • Now that the extension is installed, we will need to check if its working. Click here .
  • After the page loads, press CTRL+F and type in "SELLER FILTER"
  • Under "Seller Filter", enter "WS retail" in the box, to see the products sold by ws retail highlighted.
  • You can also type in any other seller name to
  • filter products sold by various sellers.

Disclaimer: The chrome extension to filter flipkart products sold by sellers like WS retail is coded by Prince Mishra, you can visit his github page on I am in no way involved with the dev nor am I involved with coding of chrome extension.