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Easy Ways To Make Money Online in India

By Kelly McCarty - Monday, 31 August 2015 No Comments
Indians are taking a gander at various routes in which they can make money online, there are several sites where you can acquire money with no investment. Any site that requests that you to contribute money before you start to make money online is certainly a fake and you should continue with an alert or else you may wind up losing your well-earned money.

Ways To Make Money Online in India

Make Money Online Without Any Investments

Honest sites never request that you invest cash. We have made a hard found list of five sites where you can register and earn at any rate in between US$1000 or Rs 60,000 consistently. You can earn that much cash by working just 100 hrs a month. It may sound staggering however it is difficult. It will take you months to touch that enchantment figure. Even if you earn US$ 100 in your first month, it is a good accomplishment and a great start to your make money online saga.

5 Best Websites To Make Money Online

Amazon Mechanical Turk

mTurk is one of the best and highly commercial marketplaces where developers and freelancers can do works posted by individuals or companies.  The work here is called as "Hits" and there will be a large number of little hits online, on completing will give you rewards. The strength of money you can earn per HIT fluctuates, sometimes you will get a very large amount for a small hit. For eg: Completing a survey which consumes 10 - 15 minutes could earn you almost 1 - 2 dollars, sometimes up to 5!

A HIT means "Human Intelligence Task" and this site offers adaptable working hours for Indians who plans to work from home and make money online.


oDesk interfaces designers, developers and specialist freelancers who are running small companies. Here short to long projects are posted accordingly and you can select these projects in and complete it in a particular time frame. Organizations post ventures which people can offer for and finish in a stipulated day and age. From here, you can earn US$ 5 or Rs 300 per hour. And more will be paid according to the work quality you possess.

Also here, you can bid on the wages and oDesk guarantees your wages are paid on time. This feature made this website popular among freelancers as the payment is 100% guaranteed. When you initially register on the site, you will be required to finish a couple tests before you can apply for jobs. The Larger part of the activities on oDesk are finished by Indians, Pakistani's and Bangladeshi's, while the individuals who post work are from the United States and Europe.


Scripted is a system for independent writers where site moderators post their needed data to be written. It is a good opportunity for people who loves to write and have a creative imagination. Also, you need to be good at English as well. You can earn at least US$ 25 (Rs 1500) per 500 words article. A portion of the top journalists on earn as much as US$ 1000 (Rs 60,000) every week.


What makes Fiverr one of a kind is that it only offers task which pays at least an amount of US$ 5 to finish. So you can get a logo labeled for $ 5 or you can have your writing works completed for $5. Additional price is also included for premium works. Fiverr has been a major hit with individuals who works from home as it offers adaptability of work hours and the time that work consumes is very much less compared to others. Do join to make money online! is thought to be the biggest online website for earning money online. As it is the oldest of all other sites (1999), it has a particular reputation that still holds higher when people looks for online jobs.  An expected 2 million organizations post small or large jobs at consistently for freelancers. oDesk was procured by elance a year ago. Together odesk-elance has more than 8 million specialists working from 180+ nations. In 2014, the volume of work done online was evaluated at US$ 1 Billion.

If there are any other websites which are paying more, do share it in comments!

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