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CheckListing Revenue Share Program Review

By Kelly McCarty - Thursday, 3 September 2015 No Comments

Every week one or two revenue share websites is launched and with the there will be many ones because that’s what’s working to make money, and i always advice to build and work on multiple revenue sources.

CheckListing revenue share program

CheckListing another great revenue share program

CheckListing is another revsharing site that is making good money these days, It is about 1 month since it launched. I have been a member since July 27, 2015 (3 days ago). I started out with $200, buying 40 adpacks at $5 each.

In these 3 days i earned about 27$ that i used to purchase 5 adpacks i have now a total of 45 shares, and i will keep using my earnings to buy more adpacks.


the admin is Alex Sengphong.
The minimum price of a pack is $5 and you recover 120%.

4 adpacks available:

Starter Packs = $5 maxi 200 packs ROI 120%
Standard Pack = $15 maxi 400 packs ROI 120%
Professional Pack = $25 maxi 700 packs ROI 120%
Elite Packs = $45 maxi 1200 packs ROI 120%

Cost of subscription (membership):

Free Membership: free -> entitles 125 clicks
Basic Membership: $ 4.99 per month -> 6% referral commissions
Pkus Membership: $ 39.99 for 3 months -> 8% referral commissions
Premium Membership: $ 89.99 for six months -> 10% referral commission

No repurchase balance but a fee of 2% are taken to form an advertising fund for the development of the site.
Checked processors Paypal, Payza, Solid Trust Pay
Minimum Payout : 10$

How it Works ?

At, we understand that spending money on advertising can add up. Traffic sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Solo Ads and Media Buy may not be as cost effective.

That’s why at we offer advertisers the option to take part in our Revenue sharing concept.
Revsharing is simple:

Members that wish to take part in this option may be rewarded in rebates up to 120%.

Example: Advertisers purchase a STARTER advertising pack. Bringing you 50 visitors to their site and as a bonus we share profits from advertising packages with members!

All members taking part in our revenue sharing option simply purchase advertising packages.
View Daily ad requirements.

No Repurchase Rule

At we do not believe in “REPURCHASE RULES”
That’s what sets us aside from other platforms,
98% goes into members rebate earnings.
2% will be transferred into advertising budget.

What are the requirements for earning REBATES with

In order to start earning REBATES with, individuals simply view 10 ads daily (takes less than 3-5 minutes)


Withdraws are Mon-Friday
Once a withdraw is requested please allow 24-48 hours for processing
Limits on withdraws are minimum 10$, Maximum 250$ per day.
Members are allowed 1 withdraw request per day.

As always i’m here for any questions don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment


Update : 09/08/2015

Since 27/07/2015 to 09/08/2015 i used all my earnings to purchase AdPacks and i have now – Total Active Advertising Packages : 94

with 94 shares i earn about 29$ to 32$ per day and i can say that’s amazing.

Update 20/08/2015

I got my first payment today just 1 hour after request.


My stats

Last Update 02-09-2015

I got my second payment of 106$ from this amazing program.


As you can see dear friends, after only 38 days of owrk i was able to withdraw all my investment and still have 38 active shares, and this is where the real works begin.
From now i will use all my earnings to purchase more shares.


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