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How to qualify for online surveys?

By Kelly McCarty - Wednesday, 17 May 2017 No Comments
In this article, I am going to share how to qualify for online surveys. Online survey jobs are booming trend in India and obviously, it provides some extra income for all kinds of people who are unable to work outside from home. In the online survey jobs, we are facing the major problem is screening out from the survey even middle of the survey too. At the time of screening out, we got tense, because we spend some valuable time into that. Here some tips and tricks to get qualify for all online surveys.

How to qualify for online surveys

However, all survey invitations are based on your profile survey, but the market researcher needs a quality opinion. For instance, they are not accepting opinion for a work environment survey of the home moms.

So you should face this kind of screening question in all online surveys. Successfully finish these screening questions only we can qualify to attend the surveys.

How to qualify in all online paid surveys

How to qualify from gender questions:

Mostly, all the online jobs performed by the housewives, home moms, and students, but all the survey is not designed for those people. That completely depends on the survey topic. Some of the online survey sites tell the survey topic earlier so you can predict that what type of gender should match that particular survey.

For example, Females can qualify in the laundry, shopping, consumer products, parenting etc. And the Males can qualify in Business topics, work environment, alcohol brands, smoking etc. If you come across an irrelevant topic, you can ask your husband or wife to answer the survey (sometimes you can). Some of the survey sites like a Global Test market never accept the mismatch answers.

Age Factors:

The age factor is very much important for market research. If you are under age of 18, you will disqualify immediately. Most of the survey focuses on 20 to 35 age group only.

Are you or a household member from these industries?


Market research companies are not accepting the opinion of the people who are familiar with the same industry. For Example, If the survey topic related to computer accessories, then you will be asked the questions like what industry you or household is working for? If you answer the same industry, you will screen out from the survey. If none of your household members is working in that particular industry, you will qualify easily from this screening question.

Generally, one of the screening questions is: you or household is working in the market research industry? Never say yes to this question.

Your highest qualification:


Qualification is one of the screening questions in every survey. Who are all having a good qualification they can escape from this screening question.

Are you the parent of any children?


If you are the parent of two or more children, you will get qualify in all shopping related surveys. The maximum survey related to online shopping and on store shopping, so if you are the parent of children under age of 18, you will be getting more survey on your mail id.

Have you got vehicles?

If you mention that you do not have vehicles and driving license, you will loss vehicle-related survey. Likewise, if you mentioned that you have experience in traveling, hotels, shopping malls, online shopping etc. You will get surveys related to these all the topic. So be careful when you are attending your profile survey, because based on that you will receive survey invitations.

One of the other screening questions is: when you are going to purchase it? Generally, this kind of question expresses your immediate need for that product. So try to answer within 3 months or less. This is applicable for last and next purchase too.

Whatever, in some case we really cannot find the reason for screening out from the survey. Because we cannot predict the market researcher's requirements. So take it easy while screening out from the survey.

I think the above post gives some tips and tricks to get qualify for all online surveys. You can leave your comments below on what way the post helpful to you or give some suggestion for improvement.

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